Saturday, August 28, 2010

Having fun with food - an Egg Net

Masterchef Australia started on the Food Channel here last week, the 2009 season. I'm an avid fan and love watching shows like this to get ideas. On one of the episodes, the contestant who won the challange had an opportunity to cook off against a well known top Australian chef to win straight through to the last week of the competition. The recipe that the contestant cooked was an egg net with a Thai pork and prawn filling. Looks easy doesn't it?

This morning, I looked at my eggs, the mushrooms, leeks, shredded spinach and red pepper that I had chopped up to fry for an omelette filling and thought why the hell not?

So I stir fried the veg, added some seasoning, attempted the egg net and voila!

For the egg net, I beat one egg with a few drops of water and using my fingers, drizzled it into a hot pan with melted butter and a bit of olive oil. I took it off the heat to drizzle and put it back on to cook the egg. Slowly, using a spatula, I carefully peeled the fiddly bits off the surface and put it on a plate.
So while it might not look as delicate as lace, I am quite happy with my first attempt.

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